Professional Corporate Letting

Professional Corporate Letting

South London Property Limited offers accommodation for professionals

South London Property provides high quality rooms for professional tenants.

  • All our rooms and apartments are close to transport for work and universities in South London
  • We’ll deal with the landlords so you don’t have to and we also ensure you get the best deal.
  • All rooms have broadband and Wi-Fi so that you can work.
  • All bills are included in the rent including cleaning services, gas, electricity, water, council tax and free Wi-Fi too, with no hidden charges.
  • The communal areas are cleaned every other week
  • Most of our properties also feature communal areas with flat screen televisions and leather sofas.


The relationship between the bill payer, the tenant and us are the key to our success.

  • We are professional
  • We keep our promises
  • We are punctual and keep our appointments
  • We deal with problems and complaints swiftly to resolve the issue.
  • We endeavour to provide good quality and trouble free accommodation

Do You Need Accomodation ?

Let South London Property help you

If you need a room for your staff or you yourself are a professional or a mature student we can provide you with accommodation in the south of London. From time to time we also let to thoroughly referenced non-corporate tenants.

We have a number of properties and work together with other similar companies, so if we don’t have a room available we may still be able to help you via our large network.



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